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Frequently Asked Wedding Questions

Q. Do you recommend a rehearsal before the wedding?

A. Whether or not to hold a wedding rehearsal is entirely up to the couple, but keep in mind that a rehearsal before the wedding, does in fact, make the ceremony run smoother. Therefore, at the request of the bridal couple, either Reverend Paul or Marcia Ciola will be most happy to conduct a rehearsal with the full bridal party either the day before the wedding ceremony or at the convenience of everyone in the service.

The purpose of the rehearsal is to review in detail the sequence of the wedding ceremony and to familiarize each member of the bridal party with their role in the ceremony. By ensuring that everyone in the wedding is prepared for the ceremony, the bride and groom can then feel confident that their matrimonial service will be both beautiful and flawless.

Vows Are Forever Wedding Photo
Vows Are Forever Wedding Photo

Q. We have already picked out a church for our wedding but we need a minister? Can Reverend Ciola perform a wedding in a church of our choosing?

A. Yes, this would be possible provided that permission is granted ahead of time by the church's pastor. Some churches are more agreeable to this arrangement than others. It is always advisable to discuss this matter with the pastor of the church well in advance of the wedding date.

Q. We're planning on having a themed wedding. Does Reverend Ciola officiate at such weddings?

A. Reverend Ciola will officiate at a themed wedding provided it is done with dignity and within the bounds of good taste. For a definitive answer to this question, it is best to discuss the nature of the themed wedding with Reverend Ciola or one of his assistants.

Q. Does Reverend Ciola have any restrictions as to where he will perform a wedding?

A. There basically are no restrictions as to where a wedding can be performed. Our only request is that dignity for the event be maintained at all times. Reverend Ciola does reserve the right to refuse to perform a wedding at a location he feels would be inappropriate.

Q. Does Reverend Ciola have any restrictions as to the dress of the bride and the groom?

A. While the majority of couples choose to get married in traditionally formal wedding wear (gown, suit/tuxedo), there are some couples who may wish to break with convention and wear non-traditional dress especially at a themed wedding. Once again, Reverend Ciola will officiate at such a wedding provided dignity for the event is maintained at all times. He also reserves the right to refuse to perform a wedding in clothing that he feels would be inappropriate.

Q. What do you consider the Central Florida area and will Reverend Ciola travel outside this area to perform a wedding?

A. We define the Central Florida area as any location within a one hour's drive of Orlando and yes, Reverend Ciola will be most happy to travel outside the Central Florida area to perform a wedding ceremony. However, there is a small additional charge for the additional distance that is determined based on the distance.

Vows Are Forever Wedding Photo
Vows Are Forever Wedding Photo
Vows Are Forever Wedding Photo
Vows Are Forever Wedding Photo

Q. Are there any restrictions during the ceremony for divorced parents of the bride or groom?

A. This is a very sensitive issue and requires that each situation be handled separately and with consideration and understanding. If the bride were raised by a stepfather, she may select any of the following options when walking down the aisle:

  1. walk down the aisle alone

  2. walk with her mother

  3. walk the first halfway with her father and the remaining distance with her stepfather

  4. walk with the both her father and stepfather together on each side

If the bride walks with the stepfather, she may also wish to include her father in the ceremony (i.e. by doing a special reading). As far as seating arrangements during the ceremony, customarily, mothers and their spouses sit in the front seats on the respective sides. Fathers and their spouses sit directly behind the mothers. Of course, this is all subject to the wishes of the bridal couple. For instance, if the bride or groom prefers, it is quite acceptable to have divorced parents also sit in the front rows with their spouses.

Q. We have a family member who would like to do a special reading at the wedding. Is this permitted?

A. Readings of special prayers, poems and writings add a beautiful touch to the wedding ceremony and are highly encouraged by Reverend Ciola. Such readings are often personally crafted by the bride and groom, a friend, or a family member. There are even times when a friend or family member wishes to share a wonderful story or narrative about the wedding couple with all those present. This too is encouraged by Reverend Ciola as long as it is in keeping with the solemnity of the occasion. However, it is advised that all extra-ceremonial additions be kept brief.

Q. We would like to light a Unity Candle at the ceremony. Who makes arrangements for this?

A. Traditionally, arrangements for the Unity Candle are the responsibility of the wedding coordinator. However, Reverend Ciola's staff would be happy to make arrangements for this should the couple request it. In addition, there are several other ceremonial options to symbolize unity which can be incorporated into the marriage ceremony. These are usually discussed and decided upon at the orientation meeting.

Q. Is it possible for children from a previous marriage to be part of the ceremony?

Not only is it possible, it is highly suggested. In fact, with the bride and groom's approval, Reverend Ciola will perform a ceremony that also includes any children from a previous marriage into the union vows. Blessings are then invoked upon this newly blended family.

Vows Are Forever Wedding Photo
Vows Are Forever Wedding Photo
Vows Are Forever Wedding Photo

Q. Does Reverend Ciola have any rules for our photographer?

A. A wedding is a special moment in time that can never be reenacted. Therefore, Reverend Ciola gives photographers a great degree of latitude in photographing the service. His only request is that they do not interfere directly with the ceremony or cause any unnecessary distractions.

Q. What type of attire will Reverend Ciola wear at our wedding?

A. Attire by the officiant is an important, yet rarely discussed, part of a wedding ceremony. Reverend Ciola is prepared to wear either a formal black or white minister's robe or a black suit and tie. Once again, this is entirely at the discretion of the couple.

Q. How do we go about obtaining our marriage license?

For information on obtaining a Florida marriage license, please Click here

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