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Our standard ceremony fee is $200 within the central Florida area and includes all of the following:

Vows Are Forever Wedding Photo
Vows Are Forever Wedding Photo
  • A well-presented and highly memorable 20-minute ceremony.

  • A FREE half-hour office meeting with us prior to your wedding if you so desire. We can schedule this office visit at your convenience. There is never a charge for an office consultation. At this meeting we can answer any other questions you may have. (To schedule an office consultation, call our office between 8 am and 5 pm Monday - Friday and we will be happy to set up a convenient time for a meeting.)

  • In addition to an Officiant, we also have a ceremony coordinator available if needed for an extra fee to attend the weddings. This is to assure you that you have an absolutely flawless and beautiful ceremony. She will assist with the family entrance, lineup and entrance of the entire bridal party and will also work closely with your music provider to assure that everything runs smoothly. Her presence there with the Officiant will assure you that every detail of your ceremony will proceed without any problems.

  • We will also complete your State of Florida marriage license after your ceremony and then mail it into the state for processing.

Wedding Service Pricing:

  • $200 Officiant Only

  • $250 Ceremony with Assistant

  • $100 Rehearsal Fee

  • $50 Travel Fee over 50 miles

Scheduling and Deposit:

The services of our Officiants are much sought after. Therefore, should you wish to have us officiate at your wedding or renewal, it is recommended that you schedule your ceremony date with us as far in advance as possible. This may be done in either of two ways:

  • Call (407) 276-7350 to schedule your ceremony date.

A $50 deposit is required to schedule an Officiant to perform your wedding ceremony. This scheduling deposit will secure your time, date and location for our services.

Vows Are Forever Wedding Photo
Vows Are Forever Wedding Photo

Vows Are Forever

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