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Orlando Wedding Officiant

Both of our Officiant Ministers are highly respected for their professionalism as well as the solemnity and beauty of the ceremonies they perform. Both are also firm believers in the sanctity of matrimony and the lifelong commitment it represents and this is reflected in both their wedding and vow renewal ceremonies. Their ceremonies - whether religious or civil - are always most memorable and distinctive and worthy of the sacredness that couples seek for this most special occasion.

Reverend Paul Ciola

Reverend Paul Ciola is an ordained Christian Minister and Wedding Officiant and performs ceremonies throughout the Central Florida area. He has been married to his wife Beth since 1994 and is the father of four children - including twin daughters.

Rev. Paul Ciola
Rev. Marcia Ciola

Reverend Marcia Ciola

As an Ordained Christian Minister and Wedding Officiant, Reverend Marcia Ciola has been performing wedding ceremonies and vow renewals in Central Florida. Reverend Ciola has been married to her husband Tom since 1967 and is the mother of six children and 27 grandchildren.

Ceremony Coordinator

In addition to an Officiant, we also have a ceremony coordinator if needed available for an extra fee to attend the weddings. This is to assure you that you have an absolutely flawless and beautiful ceremony.

Our coordinator assists with the family entrance, lineup and entrance of the entire bridal party and will also work closely with your music provider to assure that everything runs smoothly.

The presence of our coordinator will assure you that every detail of your ceremony will proceed without any problems.

Vows Are Forever Wedding Photo

Vows Are Forever

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